Humankind sport with particular knowledge and emeiries gained through our long journey as players / coaches / teachers / organizers with respect to social values, noble competition and social cohesion created the ATHLORGANOSI.

Our vision

To create and offer f children in an environment with opportunities and take advantage of their talent through inspiration / organization / leadership and creativity.

Our philosophy
To love and protect:
"The life
"The environment
"The man
"The culture

To grow:
"The physical
"The spiritual
"The mental
"The social development of children

To build bases:
so that children can feel, happy and efficient in an environment governed by rules of sportsmanship, ethics and social cohesion!

Our commitment

Be open to new ways of providing child:

To motivate involvement in sports education and culture that inspired and express his creativity allilepidrasi understanding the sport and art, culture, science, environment.